is there any time restriction for filing insurance claims?

whilst there’s no time restrict for policy-holders, insurers will check the motive for the put off in submitting claims

there are numerous instances whilst insurance holders might not be able to immediately document for claims. but is there any time limit for submitting such claims? the solution to that is ‘no’. however, insurers will take a look at whether the policy was energetic on the time of the event . moreover, they also look into the reasons for filing such behind schedule claims.

lifestyles insurance: there may be no time restrict set for nominees to intimate the claim after the dying of the policyholder.

anup bansal, leader business officer of scripbox, stated, “there is no time limit for a nominee to make a death declare. there may be a time restriction that a lifestyles coverage employer has to stick to when a death declare is made. as in keeping with the 2017 policies of the insurance regulatory and development authority of india, a dying declare below a existence coverage policy shall be treated—both paid or rejected or repudiated, giving all relevant motives—in 30 days of the date of receipt of all applicable papers and required clarifications.”

however, if the nominee of the deceased also dies after a sure time, then the insurer can discover it difficult to reimburse another circle of relatives participants even supposing they may be in possession of the coverage files.

even in this sort of situation, the circle of relatives individuals can still document a declare.

sachin dutta, chief operating officer of canara hsbc life coverage, said, “in case wherein each the policyholder and nominee aren’t any extra, there may be still a provision to record the loss of life declare. in the sort of case, legal heirs of the policyholder need to provide relevant assisting documents. besides, the claim could be paid if the deceased policyholder has left a will/testomony and an executor is referred to therein for executing it.”

medical health insurance: there may be a time limit set for the policyholder to intimate approximately the claim put up hospitalization. for distinct styles of medical health insurance claims together with cashless or reimbursement, there are different deadlines. naval goel, founder and ceo of, stated policyholders should adhere to the timelines to avail of fitness blessings.

“within the case of availing of the cashless facility, one has to tell the insurer about the planned hospitalization 48 or 72 hours in advance (relying on the insurer). and, in case of an emergency, the insurer should be knowledgeable 24 hours after hospitalization. but, to avail reimbursement, you may document a claim within 30 days to a maximum of ninety days (depending on the insurer and the policy terms and conditions) of receiving a discharge summary from the hospital,” stated goel.

amit chhabra, head of health insurance,, said, “filing a reimbursement claim past ninety days can cause declare rejection. generally, the insurer investigates the reasons for the put off and the declare may be rejected if it isn’t always real.”

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